Question Corner

Sometimes I get asked the same wellness questions over and I thought it might be helpful to share these answers it might be something you’ve wondered/need help with too!  If you have a wellness question you need help with, submit it on my contact page, and I will try and address it in a future post :)



Q. What are good sources of Vitamin D?

  1. Sunlight 30m/day! 
  2. Wild & canned fish
  3. Beef liver
  4. Tofu, soy milk
  5. Egg yolks


photo cred: Mira Bozhko

Q.What are the most common food allergies?

A.90% of food allergies are caused by 1 of the 8 below foods.

  1. Milk 
  2. Eggs
  3. Peanuts
  4. Tree nuts (~walnuts, almonds, pine nuts, brazil nuts, pecans)
  5. Soy 
  6. Wheat (+ other foods w/ gluten barley, rye, oats)
  7. Fish 
  8. Shellfish


Q. How can I drink more water?

A. Bring a cup of water/water bottle with you wherever you go. Add a slice of lemon to your water. It tastes good and has natural detox and digestion benefits. 🍋🍋🍋

  • Build the habit = Do this daily and it will become a habit 
  • Invest in good glasses = It will make you excited to drink more *S’well has good water bottles and Ball mason jars are sold at Whole Foods for $2 (pictured)
  • Wide Mouth containers = They are easier to drink from and you will drink more 


Q. What non-toxic Tupperware/containers do you recommend?

A. Plastic can leach harmful chemicals into food. I opt for glass containers and steel as an alternative.

  • Tupperware = Pyrex “snapware” is a good option w/ varying sizes for on-the-go and at home.
  • Drinks = Ball mason jars are a great option for drinks or to store nuts/seeds/granolas/anything that normally come in plastic packets. 
  • Water bottles = S'well has a solid line of steel water bottles for on-the-go.


Q. What is a healthy non-toxic moisturizer and makeup remover?

A. Organic coconut oil. Nature's Way is a good option. * see my post for more details


photo cred: Joseph Gonzalez

Q. What are your go to healthy fats?

A. Avocado, Sardines, Eggs, GF Beef 93/7, Hemp, Flax, Nut butter, Walnuts, Almonds, Pecans,  Dark chocolate & Coconut. 


Q. What is a quick way to figure out if a food is healthy or not?

A. I go right to the label and look at the ingredient list and then the nutrition facts. Let's talk about the ingredients for today.

  1. If a food doesn't have a label = that is a good sign that the food is pretty darn good for you and doesn't have any added crapola i.e. fruits, veg, fresh meats/fish etc.
  2. # Ingredients = if there is a long list of things, I get skeptical i.e. for chicken nuggets it should just be chx + some breading + an emulsifier aka binding agent to keep it together (egg whites normally in home cooking)
  3. Unpronounceable Words = if there are words in the list you can’t pronounce or have to look up that’s another flag 


Q. What are the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar ("ACV")?

  1. Lowers BP
  2. Regulates blood sugar levels
  3. Aids weight loss
  4. Improves gut health & digestion 
  5. Alkalizing to body/balances Ph
  6. Helps w detox & increases circulation

* You only need 2T/day to get the health benefits.  I use braggsbrand.


Q. How can I check if a food product is healthy or not?

A. A great resource is 

*EWG is a nonprofit org so it is not biased to any particular food company or lobbyist group.  They use 3 factors to score foods: nutrition, ingredients, & degree of processing.


Q. What foods are good for brain health?

A. Berries, beans, nuts and seeds, greens, colourful veggies, and wild fish.


Q. What resource do you use to find out the nutrition for a food?

A. A great resource is