1st May 2018

Dear Clients,

I had mentioned prior some exciting changes would be happening to my coaching, and I now finally get to share them!  I am so excited to announce that I will be moving from coaching “sessions” to “programs”.

What does that mean/ what good stuff do I have to look forward to?

There will be:

  • More focus on your goals and making sure all our actions are working towards meeting them 
  • A longer-term focus as opposed to short term ‘hamster in wheel’ client feeling
  • There will be more continuity as our plan will be in motion day in and day out/even while we sleep!
  • A higher quality experience for the client
  • A stronger partnership between coach and client

Why the change?

  • experience was very transactional for client and coach
  • There was a stop and start nature to meetings i.e. if no meetings then potentially getting in the way of progress
  • It was hard to create continuity for a client within the current structure
  • The focus was more short term 
  • Back and forth on scheduling
  • Noise/distractions in meeting spots

Ultimately the key reasons for the change/why this change is a game changer :) 

This decision was made after long and thoughtful deliberation, studying the best programming methods, currently industry offerings – what works and what doesn’t, my experience working with clients, and ultimately what served you best

  • What would be the best experience for clients
  • What would set my clients up for the most potential success
  • What would be the best way to support them
  • What would be the best way to work with my clients
  • What would foster them to meet their goals! 

It is not for the faint of heart, as I am going to expect clients to invest 110%…the same way that I do/and will continue to do:

  • Committing to the program for at least 3 months…(of course I hope we continue beyond thisJ)
  • Getting crystal clear about the goals we want to meet
  • Targeting goals that are realistic but still a stretch 
  • Being committed to sticking to the plan that we set out to meet these goals
  • Adjusting our plan as needed, but always anchoring back/ not losing sight of our goals
  • Remembering the long-term game of why we are doing this in the first place…to set you up for a happy healthy thriving life!!

What else is out there?

When looking at the industry I learned that most nutritionists/trainers/ holistic practitioners/naturopaths/healers/coaches offer:

  • Very silo’ed advice (only giving advice in their niche) leaving you to figure out how it all fits together
  • A very hands-off approach
  • Help in the session and no support outside of it
  • No resources for the client beyond just the time in a session
  • Don’t address wellness from the mind body spirit connection
  • Don’t provide comprehensive client write ups
  • Don’t provide recipes
  • Don’t provide food product recommendations
  • Don’t provide food samples and other samples from health wellness companies 
  • Don’t have relationships with these companies that inform their advice
  • Don’t offer support outside of sessions
  • Don’t offer programs to connect with like-minded individuals

How did you determine the pricing for the programs?

I wanted to be clear and transparent with you by laying out the value you are getting from working with me and in each program. So, I laid out clearly all the things you will be getting in each program tier (in attached doc) as well as shed light on all the work I am doing on your behalf to create a profound transformative coaching experience for you (below). This is the value I want to provide to you as a client.

I’m working for you behind the scenes daily even when we’re not together :) Helping you get closer and closer to achieve those goals we set out together!  Here are just a few examples of what I’m doing behind the scenes:

  • Preparation for a client meeting 
  • Client meeting
  • Reviewing client meeting notes after we meet
  • Creating a write up for the client that will be helpful in getting client to their next goal
  • Reviewing client eating plans and providing feedback and guidance
  • Providing client email support
  • Researching recipes/food bloggers to find the most valuable recipes for clients that align with their food requirements
  • Researching healthy food companies, assessing the quality of their products and ensuring their culture aligns with healthy living principles we believe in
  • Building relationships with those brands to provide healthy options and sneak previews of new products
  • Going to different events to learn about new products
  • Attending lectures, courses, summits, researching and studying the latest science in wellness to apply this to my coaching with you
  • This also applies to researching the latest coaching methods, organizational behaviour, habit change, that lead clients to success and long-term improvements 
  • Producing quality content on wellness for you to engage in regularly


So, without further-a-do please find below a chart of the 3 programs (just click button).

We can discuss in person what pieces you may have already been experiencing in the one-on-one sessions, and what program will be the best fit for you. 

I am so excited to move into this new phase with you and lead you to greater success and living your healthiest, happiest, thriving life! 


All my best and thanks,

Jessamy x