Cass Business School Marketing Campaign

by Cass Business School

Nominated as 1 of 5 women from the Cass Alumni to be featured in a global marketing campaign showcasing how they have gone on to auspicious careers post graduation.

Fall 2018

Medium - Featured as Lead Article 

Interview w/ esteemed Warhol’esque photographer duo Ben & Trudie Larrabe.  We get deep talking finding your purpose, wellness habits to sustain it, business success, inspiration, creativity, and loving relationships

Summer 2018


Bucknell Magazine

Career Clusters:  Bucknellians are a Healthy Bunch

by Matt Hughes

Bucknellians are a healthy bunch...It should come as not suprise then, that many Bucknellians have careers in the fitness industry."

Spring 2018


Runner's World

14 Tips for Starting Your Own Running Club:  Six Founders Share Advice for Marketing, Growing, and Sustaining a Group"

by Jenny McCoy

"Most people think of running as a solo venture. And while runners appreciate (read: need) quality “me time,” there’s something quite powerful about running in a pack..."

Summer 2017